Stefan Marx – Another Weekend @ Ruttkowski;68

For Another Weekend, his third solo show with Ruttkowski;68, Stefan Marx came in their new parisian space to show his new works. As the title suggests,Stefan Marx talks about the monotony of the weekend using some sentence fragments and quotes he heard. He uses this material on differents mediums, small and big canvas and also on porcelain vases. The prominent vase model he painted on is a famous creation by Bauhaus student Marguerite Friedländer done in 1929 for KPM, the Berlin Royal Porcelain Factory Berlin. Stefan Marx currently collaborates a lot with this historical company, creating some nice editions based on their classical porcelain products.

There’s a real dialogue between the painting on the walls and the vases on the table. Either on the vases or on the canvases, the quotes letters painted big, seem to move on some musical rhythm, outlined sometimes in pink or blue color, reminiscent of the minimal techno and the spotlight of the German nightclub. In fact, it’s already Sunday and like every Sunday we are sleeping it off in the sofa, a empty vase next to us with all of these good memories from last night…

Until April the 11th of 2019 at  Ruttkowski;68, Paris.
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