Palefroi – Ville-Bâche @ Le Vecteur

In February and March, Palefroi, a duo of French artists composed of Marion Jdanoff and Damien Tran, came in residency at le Vecteur, a cultural platform located in Charleroi. They live and work in Berlin and this is their longest residency to date. There were different events during their stay in Charleroi: a workshop to make some costumes with the inhabitants, a participation in the Great Carnival Parade of the city, with the costumes, and finally an exhibition that opened during the 3rd edition of the festival Papier Carbone.

The exhibition is untitled Ville-Bâche, it’s a reference to the rain that often appears at the Carnival. It shows all the costumes they made during the residency, through the different paintings painted on costumes we discover the city of Charleroi, the Palefroi were indeed inspired by anecdotes they have been told during the residency. For those who follow the work of the duo, it’s really interesting because it was a new opportunity for Marion Jdanoff and Damien Tran to work again on a common support, each of them painted one of the faces of the costumes, with a more abstract side painted by Damien and another more figurative done by Manon. In addition to the costumes we can admire a large wall that tells the story of the windy Great Parade. We can also watch an animated film, made from printed photos, colored with paint, animation is a new field explored recently by Palefroi. A zine has also been published for the occasion, available at the exhibition or online here. The exhibition is still visible a handful of days, and below you will find some photos of this beautiful show.

Until May the 4th of 2019 at Le Vecteur in Charleroi.
More infos and pics:
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A video of the Ville-Bâche team during the Great Parade
a Time-lapse of the wall done for the exhibition
the zine