Tal R – Pink Road Through Forest @ VNH Gallery

Since mid-March, the VNH Gallery hosts a new personal exhibition by Tal R the first in Paris. This show is untitled Pink Road Through Forest and its starting point is a picture of a road cutting a forest, made by an unknown artist which Tal R saw about two years ago. In the following months, he created some paintings, drawings and fabrics patchworks directly inspired from this road drawn in the middle of the trees, more than a road for Tal R it symbolizes a true spiritual path.

To discover the heart of the exhibition, you have also to find your way, behind the wall of fabric that we face once the front door passed, then we must bend and pass under a wooden board to find the path to arrive in the middle of the paintings and other works. The paintings are presented chronologically as the twelve months of the year, each of these paintings is cut from bottom to top by a pink road. Around this road, some forms of trees or buildings are drawn but their forms are also the signs, the symbols of a more abstract language. This language is also declined on the dozens of linocut, 83 in total, made with Harpune Verlag and which are aligned on this long table in the middle of the space. Finally when you turn back, you discover the story of a character, drawn on paper and who also tries make his way through the forest. There are only a few days left to discover the Pink Road Through Forest show, it ends on Saturday, April 27th but may you find below a few photos.

More infos and pics: >>> talr.dk >>> vnhgallery.com