Otani Workshop – Contes d’Awaji @ Perrotin

Until May 11, Perrotin Gallery in Paris shows a beautiful exhibition by Otani Workshop. Otani Workshop is actually a single man, the Japanese artist Shigeru Otani, but it is so productive that we could indeed believe to deal with a whole team. The personal exhibition he presents in Paris is called Contes d’Awaji (Awaji Tales), Awaji after the name of the island where he settled in 2017, after leaving Shigaraki, capital of Japanese pottery. There, he installed his studio in an old tile factory, where there is a monumental oven with which he can continue to build his universe full of characters. These wonderful characters we can see in the exhibition are all coming out of the artist’s imagination, they take place in a scenography built with recovered objects and materials, like a world recreated from scratch. Thanks to its technical skills, Otani Workshop creates ceramic sculptures, bronze pieces, as well as some paintings. This crowd of characters tell us the Tales of Awaji is marvelous: each of them takes us to a different story, whether human or animal, realistic or chimerical, we start to imagine fables with one or more of those characters. The more you spend time in the show the you make all this universe live and it is really the strength of this artists’s work of the artist, you get back to this very childish practice of making work out your imagination to escape towards a marvelous world.

Until May 11 2019 at Perrotin, Paris.
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courtesy of Galerie Perrotin