Le Garage x Saint-André-lez-Lille 3000 Eldorado

To celebrate the opening of lille 3000 ELDORADO in the city of Saint-André, Le Garage (located at 65 rue de Lille in Saint-André) reopens for a weekend. First of all, tou can admire Obisk Premier’s triple wall, on the facade and the two sides of the building. Inside, you can discover many murals and participate in various workshops, all done and led by local artists such as ANTHO, AMOS, WORKSHOP, BOB59, CAPDO, FYUZ, JIEM and MARY, NOTEEN, ROUSSE BARBE , SCAMP80, SHURE, and STUDIO CANAILLES. Finally there are also different activities on the theme of Mexico stamped ELDORADO and, fitting with the place, a private collection of industrial security posters is on display. Many things to see and to do and it’s still open this Sunday, May 12 from 14h to 18h, it’s very short like the first time, and we wonder why Le Garage is not open more often.